We have joined the Merck Accelerator!

Merck's Innovation Labs have come to Nairobi and selected us as one of the three startups to make up their first accelerator group. We are very excited for the funding and support.

This partnership should get us through our initial pilot in July, and put us in touch with some knowledgeable people in the space. We are really looking forward to it!

Thanks Merck - and looking forward to good times together.

First day of Merck Accelerator, Flare meets the Merck teamPictured above: Flare meets the Merck team.

Pictured above: Fellow startup Totohealth's team member presenting something at a Merck accelerator meeting in the Nairobi Startup Garage.


A product designer and developer from Russia and New York, Maria has spent her career working across industries and tech startups focusing on product design, development, and strategy.

Nairobi, Kenya

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