The US Has Many Problems and 911 Is One

John Oliver's recent piece on outdated 911 services in the US highlights some key issues of one of the world's most inclusive and effective emergency response systems.

One issue with the system is that it was built in a time when everybody used land lines - so it was easy to pinpoint the origin of every call.

Today, all over the world, the majority of calls come from mobile phones. Yet surprisingly few 911 facilities have integrated next generation or IP-based systems to detect the location (or one of many other potentially available data points) of a caller.

So what's the good news? That we can. In some instances, like here in Nairobi, not having such a well established system gives us the opportunity to implement something more effective from the start.

There is a lot we can learn from the efficiencies of existing systems. But there are also opportunities in starting from scratch and designing from within the frameworks of state of the art technology.

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A product designer and developer from Russia and New York, Maria has spent her career working across industries and tech startups focusing on product design, development, and strategy.

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