Caitlin is Back in Nairobi After Speaking to the Graduating Class of MIT Sloan

Congratulations to Caitlin for graduating and being named class speaker! So good to have her back. I'm looking forward to hearing the full speech, but in the meantime:

"Dolkart arrived at MIT Sloan following work with the Clinton Health Access Initiative in Africa, where she gained insights into the challenges of accessing health care throughout the continent. While at Sloan, she focused on a venture called Flare, an “Uber for ambulances” connecting patients with emergency services and connecting ambulances to hospitals while the patient in en route.


"The two words I would have used to describe my career prior to Sloan [were] ‘luck’ and ‘hardworking,’” Dolkart said.


"But today, I add the word ‘advantage’,” she said, and noted her ability to turn a brief introduction with an investor into a pitch opportunity and a meeting with President Obama in Africa, by virtue of her MIT credential. “The possibilities in front of us didn’t exist prior to us coming here,” she said. “There are doors that are open that we didn’t know existed... ”

Read the full article here!



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Nairobi, Kenya

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