4 Stars! Let's go to the movies...

Go watch these movies. We promise to not spoil the endings. Be inspired to help us change emergency response in Kenya and across the globe where there is no existing 911. What is the future of emergency response? How can we build it together?



  • Did you know that 911 and the broader Emergency Medical System was only established in the US post WWII? And even up until the mid 1970's, a patient had a better chance of surviving a gun-shoot wound on a battlefield during the Vietnam war than in Detroit, Michigan (in the US).
  • Find out more in this short film (20 mins) which can be easily watched over and over again. Incredible to witness the back-story and how far emergency care has advanced.

18 hours


  • Produced in Kenya and out later this year in October. A note from the film-markers.
  • A harrowing tale that is based on a real-life story in Kenya where a young EMT was tasked with taking care of a patient for over 18 hours.
  • Here's the original news article on Alex who lost his life after a road accident and also another one from the perspective of the EMT.

If you're now hooked on movies about emergency response and medicine (I don't know what is literally more thrilling!), here's a list of some additional films to watch.

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Caitlin F Dolkart

Graduate from MIT Sloan School of Management (MBA) and a Legatum Fellow. Background in management consulting, impact investing and international development.

Nairobi, Kenya

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