2017 here we go!

Over the holidays, the Flare team wanted to spread a little cheer to the ambulance companies. After all, ambulances need to run 24 hours, 365 days per year and our ambulance companies couldn't take any breaks or holidays while the rest of Nairobi was taking time off. We're also incredibly grateful for our partnerships with them and wanted to send a small thank you for the incredible and heroic work that they do each day.

So what did we do? We provided each ambulance company a Santa suit along with a few other gifts and asked them to take selfies. We found out during our training for the Flare app that the EMTs (Emergency Medical Techs) love selfies. I guess who doesn't?! You be the judge. Who and which company wore it best? Here are our favorites.

alt ICT Fire & Rescue showing off!

alt ICT Fire & Rescue pose 2!

alt All smiles from AAR

alt More smiles from AAR

alt Swift Paramedics uses Santa to treat their patient. Note: it's staged!

alt Swift Paramedics ropes Santa into providing care. Note: it's staged!

alt Santa is the center of attention at Avenue Rescue

alt Another Santa close-up at Avenue Rescue

We hope, at minimum, these photos brought you a few laughs and smiles. Get ready for a big year. Flare will be going live with a set of ambulance companies in 2017 and quickly expanding to take over all of Nairobi and shortly thereafter Kenya and then...

Our commitment to our readers in 2017: we will be more active at updating you with our many and exciting developments. Keep reading and stay tuned!

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Caitlin F Dolkart

Graduate from MIT Sloan School of Management (MBA) and a Legatum Fellow. Background in management consulting, impact investing and international development.

Nairobi, Kenya

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